Heating Your Pole Barn

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Heating Your Pole Barn


Pole barns are easy up solutions for added storage for hot-rod with 4 wheels, or the Mustang with 4 hooves.  Keeping those treasured and loved investments in a temperature controlled environment is essential for their comfort and longevity.

Although there are many ways to heat a pole barn; pellet stove, unit heater, and forced air furnaces, the most efficient and effective way to heat a pole barn is with radiant heat in the concrete slab.  Once you warm the slab, it becomes a tremendous mass radiating heat to the entire space.

At Maumee Supply, we can help with your material list, and put together a package for any sized barn, no matter if you're working with a small 12' x 24' barn or up to a full indoor horse riding 60' x 96' barn!

Horse barns, pole barns, garages, and outbuildings are the perfect application for radiant in-slab, under the concrete, hot water radiant boiler heat.

Pole Barn Radiant Tubing

On average, radiant heat can be added to a space for less than $7 square foot installed.

Radiant Tubing
Controls, Thermostats, and Sensors
Boiler Trim Components

Our radiant heating experts have more than 75 years combined experience, and can put together the entire system to keep your barn as toasty as you want.

Give Dave Champion a call to discuss your specific project!