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Rinnai Demand Duo

Rinnai Demand Duo is changing the industry standards for high efficient commercial water heating. Not only can the Demand Duo keep stride in terms of performance and efficiency, it blows the others out of the water when it comes to their warranty, installation flexibility, and performance guarantees.

Look through the warranty and performance metrics of any of the most popular high efficiency commercial water heaters, and you'll find:

Tank Warranty - 3 Years (or less)
Parts Warranty - 1 Year
Heat Exchanger (typically considered a part) - 1 Year
Labor Claims - Not Offered
3" or 4" venting only
Requires 2-terminations for intake and exhaust

Then take a look at the Rinnai Demand Duo for Comparison

Heat Exchanger - 8 Years (as compared to 1)
Tank Warranty - 6 Years (as compared to 3)

Parts Warranty - 5 Years (as compared to 1)
Labor Claims - 1-year labor for all, and 2 years if registered!

2", 3", or 4" PVC
Fresh air intake, or use the Room Air for only 1 exterior termination
Many flexible venting options

Rinnai Demand Duo Video

Something we didn't mention in the comparison is the sizing and performance guarantee. If the Demand Duo doesn't work as described, Rinnai will pay to have it replaced with a different brand.

Lastly, you're probably wondering about price. Give us a call the next time you have an opportunity to replace a Commercial High Efficient water heater, and let us show you how much you can save!

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