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Panasonic Mini Split - ECONAVI Technology


Panasonic has produced over 100 million air conditioning and heat pump units worldwide and serves over 100 counties.  With over 100 years as a company, and 65 years specifically in the Air Conditioning industry, and 35 Years serving the United States market specifically; Panasonic is a brand that you can trust for all your heating and cooling needs.  When you buy Panasonic, you are buying products from a company that has weathered wars, depressions, recessions and slumps—and still continues to maintain a high quality offering and positions itself in the market to withstand the test of time.

Panasonic is the only Mini-Split system on the market to offer ECONAVI technology. This patented technology uses multiple high-precision sensors to act as human activity detectors that go beyond simply determining occupancy or absence. ECONAVI technology actually evaluates the intensity and location of heat signatures in the space to determine the most efficient way to heat or cool space. This technology incorporates both temperature control and fan control to not only determine optimum delivery of conditioned air, but also direct more (or less) of that conditioned air into the space where it is most needed. Panasonic ECONAVI technology is only available on the Exterios family of Mini-Splits.