WiFi in the Plumbing Industry

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WiFi in the Plumbing Industry


Each sector of the industry must always be continuously updated with new technologies to integrate them into its products and still be competitive on the market.

The plumbing and HVAC sector is no exception, and the widespread use of Wi-Fi connections has allowed the development of App and Wi-Fi devices that can be integrated into the tools most used by plumbers.

In most cases, these are devices already on the market that are presented in an updated version with a built-in Wi-Fi connection that allows the device to be interactive, remotely controlled or to send notifications on the user's smartphone.

The advantages of these devices are very many. They allow you to monitor in real time the situation at home or in the place where the device is installed; they can circulate hot water with the push of a button so your shower is hot immediately, and in general allow you to control each device more completely.

One of the new generation products with built-in Wi-Fi is the latest version of Zoeller A-Pak.

This is an alarm system that manages a sump pump installed in basements, cellars and underground floors and that alerts the user of high water. This is a handy device in humid areas and particularly in rainy seasons. The alarm sends a signal to user that water is above the safety level, and the basement needs attention.  These are perfect for those who travel often for work, or who head to a second home either in the summer or winter.

The integration with the Wi-Fi Internet connection allows you to remotely control the Zoeller A-Pak alarm by receiving notifications on the status of the battery, on power problems and the difficulty of contact with the Z Control. In this way, it is possible to monitor the situation in real time even if you are away from home and act promptly in case of blackouts or other problems. Thanks to the Wi-Fi integration the likelihood of a flooded basement can be drastically reduced.

Another great product that has been able to use Wi-Fi integration to improve the service offered to customers is Rinnai Control-R Wi-Fi controller. It is a Wi-Fi device that works together with its official App to monitor the water temperature through a Smartphone or Tablet.

The user can set the water temperature, heat it pressing a button on the App and receive notifications regarding the maintenance of the system and manage in real time any problem.

Furthermore, through the integration with Wi-Fi, it is possible to activate the water recirculation in the models that offer this ability.

Even the thermostats like Lux GEO Thermostat have become Smart, allowing you to activate remotely and adjust the temperature of the house through the App or the Smartphone. This is a beneficial innovation for heating the house in winter, or cooling in the summer.

Through the use of Geo-Fencing (do you see the pun in the name), all the members of the home can set their own geo-fence, and when all members of the home are outside of that area, the thermostat goes into automatic set-back mode, allowing you to obtain better efficiency and save money on gas and electric.

These products demonstrate how plumbing has gained significant benefits with the integration with Wi-Fi and we are sure that innovations in this sector are only just beginning.