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Lux GEO Wifi Thermostats


GEO by Lux Thermostats is AWESOME!  It allows everyone in your home to control the temperature from their mobile device.


Here are just some of the awesome features that we love after we've tested it in our office:

  • Multiple users (great for families on the go)
  • Hortizontal or Vertical mounting
  • Battery Powered (more on this below)
  • Geofencing Location Detection (this will blow your socks off)
  • Amazon Alexa and Google Home compatible
  • Incredibly easy interface that anyone can understand and control


The Geofencing feature allows you to set a radius around your home (1 mile, 5 miles, 10 miles), whatever distance makes sense.  If you are inside that circle, your thermostat will recognize you as 'being home' and your system will run as normal.  When the last person that has access to the thermostat on their phone goes outside of their Geofence, the thermostat will automatically go into set-back mode and start saving you money!


Battery Powered

No other thermostat manufacturer has been able to achieve the longevity and results that Lux has been able to with their GEO thermostat.  Most boiler systems only have two wires going to the thermostats (which control a zone valve or pump).  The Lux GEO will work in older homes and boiler systems, heat pumps, and 1 and 2 stage furnace and Air Conditioning systems.  The GEO can go 15 months or more on a single set of double AA batteries; an impressive feat considering all the power it needs to communicate via WiFi.