History of Maumee Supply

Why are we called Maumee Supply in Perrysburg?

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So often we get asked "Why is your name Maumee Supply if you are located in Perrysburg?" To get to the answer, we need to go back to 1954 and look at the history of how Maumee Supply began.

Harold Stanford (a former tradesman) and Dale Heller (former salesman with Crane Company) began selling iron pipe, cast iron soil pipe, and fittings to other plumbers and contractors out of an empty building on West Third Street in Perrysburg, which was a former blacksmith shop. In 1956 as the business was gaining traction, with deliveries being made out of an old station wagon, the two partners formed a plan to move the business to Maumee, OH for access more centrally located.  The two formed a partnership under the name Maumee Plumbing. 

Prior to actually executing the plan and moving into the Maumee, OH building, the landlord of the Maumee property drastically increased the rent (the landlord heard the business was becoming successful and raised the rent). With all the papers filed and business already created in the name Maumee Plumbing, the two partners decided to forego the outlandish lease in Maumee and stay in Perrysburg.

In 1959, with three young children at home (and another soon to be on the way), George Williams (who worked with Dale Heller at Crane Company, and sold plumbing items to Maumee Plumbing previously) took a leap of faith and made an investment into the company to become 1/3 partner. With George's buy-in, it allowed the company to purchase the first truckload of copper tubing and fittings. The partnership agreed to incorporate and on January 5, 1959 Maumee Plumbing Supply, Inc. was incorporated.

In 1961, Maumee Plumbing purchased property on the corner of West Third Street and Walnut Street, formerly the Fetterman Milling Company building (Fetterman milled flour on the first floor, and housed chickens on the second floor), and now is the current location of Perrysburg Collision. Also this year, the Eljer fixture line, and AO Smith Water heater line was acquired.

An expansion was made to the existing building in 1963, adding truck docks, as well as the purchase of a lot across the street (on the northwest corner of Third St. and Walnut). This expansion allowed for the addition of Extra Heavy, Service Weight, and No Hub soil pipe. The soil pipe yard was located across the street, to what is now the Perrysburg Municipal parking lot.

Around this time, the original founder of the company, Harold Stanford, a former master plumber and very retail-minded individual, became uncomfortable extending credit to customers. Harold approached George and Dale to either sell the business, or for the other two to buy him out. George and Dale acquired a loan from the bank to buy out Harold's share.

In 1965, Bowling Green State University began the construction of the current football stadium, Doyt Perry Field. Kohler was the specified fixture line for the job. At that time, it was very difficult and an honor to be awarded the Kohler fixture line. Maumee Plumbing Supply landed the job with Busdiecker Plumbing and BGSU, and henceforth, acquired the Kohler fixture line.

As sales continued to grow, so did inventory, and the need to expand again. In 1971, George and Dale purchased three acres on Eckel Junction Road; the first of the farmland to be developed west of Route 25 on Eckel Junction, and is Maumee Supply's current location today.

Demand from plumbers to display products for their customers fueled the purchase of the Dowling Funeral Home on Louisiana Avenue (what is now the Way Public Library parking lot,) for the first showroom. Later in 1976, Dale Heller passed away from massive heart attack, leaving George Williams as the only active owner, and Dale's wife as 50% silent owner. George later bought out the Hellers for a premium, and became sole owner and president of Maumee Plumbing Supply.

In 1980, Maumee Supply purchased the old Ed Schmidt building on Indiana Avenue, across from the Commodore building, in order to expand the showroom presence. The new showroom was called The Kohler Bath House.

Warren Rigg came onboard in 1982 and brought his extensive experience with hydronic and steam heating. At this time, the Burnham Boiler line was acquired, and the name was formally changed to Maumee Plumbing & Heating Supply, Inc.

In 1985 the first computer system was purchased, an NCR Tower with Sellers software.

In 1996 the building on Eckel Junction got a facelift and expansion with a new counter room area, more office space, and a second floor conference room.

With every inch of warehouse space filled, and the logistics of shipping and receiving out of the same dock area becoming increasingly difficult, an additional 12,000 square feet of warehouse space was added in 2001, with designated receiving truck docks in the rear, and delivery truck loading in the front.

More requests for quotation of larger piping projects began to come in by 2003. Around the same time, Terry Wilkins, formerly of Wilkins Supply, and an expert in the industrial PVF market came onboard, and facilitated the addition of the Industrial division. The name was changed again to Maumee Plumbing, Heating, & Industrial Supply dba Maumee Supply.

By 2006, the housing market was booming, and more plumbing distributors with bath and kitchen showrooms and big box home improvement stores had moved into town. The need to renovate the Kohler Bath House was imminent. Started in 2006 and finalized in 2007, a 7000 square foot expansion and renovation to the showroom was complete. In an effort to diversify and rebrand as a destination, the showroom reopened under the new name; Waterhouse Bath & Kitchen Studio, and specializing in unique and niche brands, custom showering and bathing system. Waterhouse has more working bathtubs, showering systems, kitchen, and lavatory faucets than any other bath and kitchen showroom between Chicago and New York.

In 2013, Maumee Supply joined the 21st century with the creation of a mobile application for smartphones. This "App" allowed customers to login to their account, check stock availability, pricing, place orders, and more.

In 2015, Maumee Supply created a new website, allowing customers to place orders online 24/7. We continue to develop processes and procedures to add value and efficiencies for our customers.